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Highbridge Communications Cloud Hosted VoIP Business Phone System

Why Choose our Highbridge

Communications Cloud Phone System?

There are a lot of advantages to any VoIP system over a traditional land-line based system. When it comes to our Highbridge Communications Phone System we raise the bar even higher! We guarantee you will be blown away by your new phone system and be amazed by the ease of use and flexibility the system provides. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:

Cloud Hosted VoIP Business Phone Service

Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages a VoIP system has is the cost savings your organization will see. Compared to traditional phone service (and in many cases wireless service), VoIP is far less expensive. Some companies save as much as 40% off their normal monthly phone bills. The simplest explanation why is because of how the technology works. Since your voice signal is traveling over the Internet and not the traditional phone system, your VoIP provider saves a lot of money in “carriage fees,” which are basically fees to deliver your call over phone lines.

Modern Enterprise-Level Features

Our hosted VoIP phone system delivers a power set of enterprise-grade features that will boost your business communications, improve customer service and increase productivity. Get features like auto-attendants, virtual receptionists, ring groups, call transfer, call recording, conference calling, voicemail to email and more. View a complete list of features.

Benefits of a Hosted Cloud Phone System

Not all VoIP systems are created equal. An on-site or premise-based VoIP system still requires a big expensive PBX to be installed and maintained at your business location. These systems can be costly to setup and support.

Our Highbridge Communications Phone system is a hosted cloud phone system. There’s no big clunky expensive equipment for you to install, configure, and maintain in your office. All the equipment the phone system requires is in the cloud, you just connect to it over the internet. You never have to worry about lines, wires, or hardware, all you need is a solid internet connection and phones. This makes the systems much more flexible and eliminates the big upfront costs.

Unmatched Service and Support

Unlike many VoIP providers we don’t just “ship you a phone in a box” and expect you to set it up yourself and configure the system. Your business communications are too important for that and you have better things to do!

We work with you every step of the way. We’ll meet with you to learn about your business communication needs, then design, setup, and implement a customized solution for you. Once the new system is in place, we’ll train your team and provide unlimited ongoing support at no extra charge.

Scale and Grow With Your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) utilizes your Internet connection for all your organization’s communication needs. Your phone calls use the internet so it eliminates the limitations of a traditional land-line phone system and makes it easy to scale when your business grows. As your business expands and you hire more people, there is no need to run costly new land-lines. Simply get a few more phones and hook them up to the same network cables that their computers use.

No More Busy Signals

Another big advantage of VoIP is no more busy signals! Traditional land-line phone systems use literal lines (copper wire) to enable calls. A single wire can handle a single call so your business can only make and receive as many calls as you have phone lines. Because VoIP is powered by your broadband internet, it has no physical restriction on the number of simultaneous calls that can be placed or received. This means when your customers and clients call they get a person, music on hold, voicemail, or your auto-attendant. No more annoying busy signals!

Future Proof Your Phone System

Your system is cloud based so it will never get outdated. As new features become available, they are rolled out and accessible to your business. There is no need to “upgrade your hardware” or purchase new cards.


Because the PBX that handles all your calls is not physically located on site but instead runs on servers in the cloud, it allows us to easily connect your various branch together through a single phone system. This means you can easily transfer calls and 3-digit dial extensions from one office to another. Even better, since all the phone needs is a connection to the internet, employees working remotely or from home just need to bring their phone physically home and connect it to their internet modem. As soon as it boots up it will work the same way it did in the office.

“The Garam Group has been a great partner for us in the technology world. The phone service they provided is a straightforward, manageable system that is flexible in our ever-changing business.

The support behind the system is what differentiates The Garam Group from any competitor. They provide fast consistent service through very knowledgeable staff.

I have recommended The Garam Group and their phone system and will continue to recommend them to all my business contacts.”

– Kevin
Insurance Industry

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Pros and Cons of a VoIP Phone System