Business 360 Managed Services

Comprehensive Managed IT Services for Syracuse and Central New York

Business 360 - Managed IT Services and Network Support

Focus on your business, leave the technology to us!


With The Garam Group on your team, choosing, implementing, and managing technology solutions is no longer your burden. Our Business 360 Managed Service Plans covers every IT need you may have.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your technology works exactly the way you need it to and is being monitored 24x7x365 by technology professionals who know your network and care about your business!

Managed IT Consulting Services

The Garam Group does more than handle all your IT needs.

See what we can do for your business with our cloud-hosted VoIP phone system powered by Highbridge Communications by booking a free and fast consultation today!

    Our Garam Group Business 360 Managed IT Service Plans cover the following:

    Network Infrastructure

    Your network infrastructure includes all the key components that make up the backbone of your business technology including routers, switches, cabling, wi-fi, and other hardware devices. We can help you build, maintain, or upgrade your network to meet your requirements today and into the future.

    Network and Cybersecurity

    In today’s world, network and IT security are major concerns. Between a growing number of devices on the network, viruses, and an increasing number of phishing schemes, you need to be on your guard and prepared. We can make sure you have all the security you need in place and are complying with the best practices or regulatory compliance such as HIPAA or the Shield Act.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

    Disaster and data recovery solutions are an integral part of an effective, concise business continuity plan. Your files and important servers need to be protected in case of a ransomware incident, accidental deletion, or hardware failure. We will make sure you have online cloud data backups, server imaging, and a plan to quickly and easily restore your data to minimize downtime and ensure disaster recovery.

    Server, Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile Device Support

    We will monitor your servers and workstations to make sure they are functioning properly and have all the latest patches and updates. We can help you install, integrate, troubleshoot, and manage your servers, desktop PCs, and mobile devices powered by Windows, Apple macOS/OS X, iOS, and Android.

    Cloud Computing and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

    Cloud technology offers many advantages to companies of all size. We can help you navigate what cloud based systems will work best for your organization including cloud backups, Microsoft 365 and hosted Microsoft Exchange, Azure, Google, hosted VoIP phone services and other applications and services.

    Server and Desktop Virtualization

    Virtualizing servers and workstations can make your network more accessible, more resilient, and more scalable. It also allows you to maximize your hardware investment by using one host to run multiple virtual servers and desktops. We can work with your Microsoft Hyper-V or VmWare virtual environments.

    Network Assessments and Compliance

    No matter what industry you are in, ensuring your business is compliant with standards and regulations is extremely important. We provide security and HIPAA compliance assessments and risk analysis for our clients along with remediation. Make sure your network and all your systems are secure and compliant.

    Remote Access and Work From Home

    Let’s face it the world has changed. It’s more important than ever to support remote work and work from home for your organization. We can make sure you have secure methods of remote access in place so your team can work from anywhere and securely access files, systems, and use their business phones so no matter where they work it’s business as usual.

    SD-WAN Services

    Your internet connection is the life-blood of your business. With more businesses moving applications and important services like VoIP to the cloud it's important to make sure that these critical services get priority and have fail-over systems in place. We can help make sure you always have the connection you need.

    Business 360 Standard or Complete

    We offer 2 different versions of our Business 360 Managed Service Plans Standard or Complete.

    What are Managed Services?

    Are you wondering if Managed Services are right for your business?  Find out the HUGE advantages to having proactive IT support.

    “When the COVID virus started to be a concern, we sent many employees home to work. Garam was there to help our people get set up in their home environment ensuring that they still have that same ease of communicating with the rest of the company. They have kept our phones, computers and network up and running. We have called them time and time again for help and their response has always been timely and they have always solved the issue.”

    – Bill
    Commercial Lighting