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Can Your Business Phone Work From Home? The power of a cloud VoIP Phone System

With the spread of COVID-19 businesses are scrambling to find ways to allow their employees and teams to work from home. The data is the easy part thanks to VPNs and services like Dropbox and OneDrive. But what about your business phone system? Are you expecting employees to bring their computers home and try to handle all their business phone calls on their cellphones?

If you had a Highbridge Communications VoIP Business Phone System from The Garam Group your team could simply take their business phone home, plug it into their internet connection and make and receive calls as usual.

This means the main business line would still ring through to the auto-attendant or ring groups, you can transfer and park calls, and 3 digit dial everyone in your company using their office extensions just like you do when you are in the office.

You can even get your voicemail as email and send and receive faxes via email too!

A Highbridge Communication Business Phone System is cloud-based so we can help you seamlessly set up branch and home offices without the huge expenses for on-premise equipment common with a traditional PBX. In most cases, you will also save considerable money over your old phone system.