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With COVID-19 cases rising across the nation and here in Central NY, business are once again urged to work from home. During the shutdown in March, one thing became clear – standard business phone systems don’t meet the needs of an increasingly remote workforce. NOW is the time to make sure your business is prepared. We’ll develop a free Work From Home Transition Plan to ensure your team can work from anywhere!

Are you and your employees struggling to work from home?

  • Is your team missing important calls because people are working from multiple locations?
  • Are clients sitting on hold, or worse hanging up, because they can’t get through to your team to help them?
  • Are you using your cellphones to conduct business and giving clients and customers your personal phone number?

Our cloud phone system lets your employees work remotely without missing a single important call. It will allow your team to make and receive calls from your business line at home using desk phones, as well as an app installed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We have your business PHONE solution!

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We have 20 years of experience helping our Central NY clients leverage technology to solve workflow problems. In March, we quickly helped our clients pivot so they could work remotely. Medical offices, engineering firms, or legal teams – it didn’t matter what industry, we were there with an immediate solution. 

Our clients have told us time and time again how much they appreciate the quick and easy setup we provided and that we were there every step of the way, making sure their home offices were up and running quickly so they could keep working.

What our clients say . . .

As the COVID-19 crisis started to unfold, our office started getting things in place if we would need to work from home. The Garam Group walked me through getting our phones set up and it was operational that day. The ability to answer our office phones from our cell phones has been very freeing. The set-up was so easy on our part and it works perfectly for us.

– Christy
Syracuse Dermatologist Practice

With our new phone system relocating our office administrative assistant home was a breeze. The phone was set up to be forwarded to her cell phone (same for all the pastors) so everyone receives calls coming into the church number on their cell phones. When they answer these calls the number that shows on the caller’s phone is our church number – which keeps our private cell phones private which is extremely important for all of us. 

We are very happy we have the phone system we do – even more so in these difficult times.

– Greg
Liverpool NY Nonprofit

When the COVID virus started to be a concern, we sent many employees home to work. Garam was there to help our people get set up in their home environment ensuring that they still have that same ease of communicating with the rest of the company. They have kept our phones, computers and network up and running. We have called them time and time again for help and their response has always been timely and they have always solved the issue.

– Bill
Syracuse Commercial Lighting

The first day we were told to work from home due to COVID-19 I had to call the Garam Group for help. I had no idea any of the technicians were working from home. The employees at home are able to answer their calls as if they were working in their office with no problems, totally seamless. Thank you!

– Francine
Finance and Banking (Offices throughout Central NY)

The Garam Group has been a great partner for us in the technology world. The phone service they provided is a straightforward, manageable system that is flexible in our ever-changing business. They made the transition to working from home very seamless for us. With the pandemic, the plan was implemented and we had 90% of our workforce working remotely the next day. Our customers do not know the difference and we are able to continue working with no issues. Thank you Garam!

– Kevin
Insurance Industry

The Garam Group has provided our team here with an extremely positive, seamless experience as we have made the transition to working from home. The Garam Group staff have all been very accessible and helpful in every way as we have made this transition.

For myself, as the Office Administrator, I have found it very easy, with Garam’s help, to handle all phone calls from home using the smartphone app. I enjoy the ease of using the app and haven’t experienced any difficulty at all.

We have been very pleased with both the help we have received and our at-home phone experience during this transitional time. Our team would highly recommend The Garam Group and their phone system for every business!

– Sue

Having The Garam Group as part of our team has truly brought our operations to the next level. They transformed our stone-age phone system into an agile, customizable, vastly capable system.

– Kris
Family Medical Practice (Offices throughout Central NY)