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Hidden Powers! Five Things You Didn’t Know You Needed from Your VoIP System.

dialing VoIP phone features

The flexibility and scalability of a properly setup VoIP system is endless. There are a ton of cool features in a VoIP telephone system. With all of these neat options out there, some less known or considered features sometimes fall by the wayside. Let’s take a look at a few of those:

1. Disaster recovery

This is a major bonus of hosted phone systems for when everything goes wrong. When that water main blows and floods your office with 20,000 gallons of fresh water, you can rest assured the business can stay up and running in the temp space outside of town while renovations happen. Just pull up the mobile app or log into your customized web portal and get back to business!

VoIP disaster recovery

2. Ring through to everyone

While this might seem like an odd feature to begin with, it ends up being a winner on a bunch of different levels. In a small office environment, it allows everyone to have their own custom phone number and extension while also allowing calls to the main line to hit every phone for that small business feel. In larger organizations, expand that view to numerous departmental contact trees and you’ll quickly see why it’s such a powerful feature.

custom extensions and ring groups

3. Country specific phone numbers

This is a neat one. If your company is looking to go international (or already is), then take this for a spin. Most VoIP vendors can set up your system so that you can provide country-specific phone numbers to your clients in Canada or Mexico. The best part? It’s not another line! Those phone numbers can still ring through to your main line and get filtered through your virtual assistant.

4. Voicemail delivery

In addition to providing regular voicemails you can access from pretty much anywhere, most VoIP systems will go a step further. When a voicemail arrives, the VoIP system will convert the recording to text and shoot along an email or text message so you can covertly check your messages. It’s a great face-saver when you’re waiting for an important callback, but you have other commitments.

5. Call Anywhere

We know, we know, this one is pretty commonly known, but it’s just too great not to close out with! Call Anywhere is everything it says. Working from home? Pop open a mobile app. Don’t want to use your cell phone? Plug in a VoIP phone to your home network or go to your VoIP desktop portal and make yourself available. With VoIP, the sky really is the limit.

VoIP work from anywhere

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Phil Montero