Need to Work Anywhere? Five Reasons to Go VoIP and Mobile Anywhere

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Since the advent of email, the ability to “Work Anywhere” has been a persistent goal of technology companies. Wireless internet, 4G/LTE cellular, Skype, FaceTime: these technologies and tools have driven forward the dream of working remotely; of working how you want to work. VoIP is the latest tool in this arsenal. By moving antiquated phone systems out of the literal closet and to the Internet, business phone numbers, voicemail, and even, in some cases, video chat have become commonplace and standard.

Are you still on the fence? If so, here’s five reasons to take the plunge and contact a trusted vendor today:

  1. Get business calls on mobile.  Or anything for that matter. Most hosted VoIP services leverage their Cloud PBX infrastructure to provide you with various apps on all sorts of platforms. Want to update a client from your personal phone using your business line? Open the app, dial the number, and make the call. Kids sick and you’re waiting on a desperately needed funding callback? Just install the app on your mobile devices and you don’t need to worry about missing it. Just try not to get sick yourself.
  2. Less expensive.  This one is kind of a no brainer. With the average landline costing upwards of $80/month per line, a small office of two or three people will save $30-$50 per line per month just by switching to VoIP.
  3. Digital assistant.  This gets overlooked on a regular basis. All hosted VoIP providers offer Digital Assistants that will perform call routing and ring through services. Want to have a call directory for people when they call the business? Get a Digital Assistant and configure it with your trusted VoIP vendor. Want several staff members to have their phones ring when an extension is dialed? Tell the Digital Assistant to do it. Combined with Mobile Business Calls, this is an extremely powerful tool.
  4. Phone system maintenance.  There isn’t any when you use a vendor that provides you with a Cloud PBX. Your host owns, operates, and manages the system. Your only concern will be getting the recommended internet service that allows for smooth calls and your trusted vendor should help with that.
  5. Integration with enterprise software.  And last, but not least: integration. A large portion of hosted Cloud PBX services offer integrations with common enterprise software. Do you use Salesforce or another CRM and want call logs automatically entered into it? That can be done. Every service is different, so ask your trusted vendor about this if you’re interested.

As always, the key to a successful VoIP migration or deployment is to partner with an experienced, trusted VoIP vendor who provides support as well as installation services. Call us at 315-473-9600 to set up a free Business Phone System audit and demo to learn how VoIP can improve your business!


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