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Business today requires employees to be mobile. Working from just the office is a thing of the past. Most people now work from home, client sites, airports, hotels, and just about anyplace else. If you are like most companies, you had to transform virtually overnight into an entirely work-from-home environment due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We can help recommend, configure, and implement a variety of tools and strategies to help you and your team communicate and collaborate from anywhere. Whether you just want access to your files on the go, or you want full remote-control access of your office computer, we can help.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure method to access your network applications and data from anywhere with Internet connectivity. We can help you configure your firewall and network to provide a VPN for your employees. We can help you control who can access your network and tailor security levels to make sure your people can only access the resources they need.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great solution to keep your team connected and collaborating while apart. Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform that is part of the Office 365 services and is built for today’s mobile workforce. This easy to use solution provides features like chat, file sharing, and video calling all in one interface. You can even run online audio and video meetings and share your computer screen so everyone is on the same page.

We can help you implement MS Teams in your organization and help your business learn to use it to increase collaboration and productivity.


Love them or hate them, meetings are a reality of corporate life. Today’s business culture requires flexibility for our team members – including allowing teams to work from anywhere. Zoom is one of the most popular and easy to use video conferencing solutions available for remote workers and distributed teams. It allows you to have a video conference quickly and easily with screen sharing.

We can help you setup your Zoom account, securely configure your meetings, and learn best practices for collaboration with this amazing tool. Looking to equip your conference room with a more robust Zoom solution or setup a Zoom Room? We’ve got you covered.

As a Zoom partner we can help you spec out the equipment you need and get everything set up.

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