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Phishing Scam – Do you know how to spot a phishing scam?

Phishing Scam – Do you know how to spot a phishing scam? There are some simple ways to stay aware and stay safe when it comes to phishing scams.

By looking closely at an email you can spot the most common indicators of a phishing scams. Most phishing scam emails include more than usual misspelled words. Look at the “From” email address – does the display name match the email address the message was sent from? Hover over the links in the email. Does the website they link to match what the link indicates?

When a phishing email appears to be coming from the CEO, this is called “Whale Phishing”. These emails are typically directed to the person in your company that handles the finances or customer service. They create a sense of urgency (ie. “I’m with the customer now”, “I’m in a meeting and need this done ASAP”, etc) and will ask the individual to send money. This can be anything from wiring funds to a provided account number or simply asking you to purchase gift cards and send them the card numbers and verification codes.

Not only can this happen at work, but you’ve probably already received an email like this in your personal email. These all have the same tone – “We’ve noticed suspicious activity on your account! Verify your information ASAP!”.
Knowing what to look for can save you.
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