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Here are some frequently asked questions about our Highbridge Communications Phone System. Have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

A hosted telephone system is a complete business solution that includes calling plans and all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, plus enhanced flexibility, scalability, significant cost savings, and advanced features.

Your telephone lines are ported to our network and hosted on our secure server. Your lines and extensions are then sent through the Internet to your network equipment and phones on site.

We do require you to have a need for at least 5 phones.

We currently provide our hosted telephone solution to businesses only.

Certainly. Users can make 3-way conference calls right from their desk phone. We can also provide a conference bridge solution that allows anyone to call into your system for larger calls.

Absolutely! We can move your existing phone numbers to our phone system so you don’t have to let clients or customers know a new number or change business cards or other marketing materials.

Your Highbridge Communications hosted telephone system is a fully managed solution. If you need any configuration changes we will take care of them for you. You don’t have to do it yourself.

Unlimited configuration changes are included with your monthly service and will be completed in a timely manner.

Yes! We replace your phone company. We provide the hosted telephone system, along with the “phone lines” for you to make calls. Your “phone bill” goes away and you will have a single monthly invoice from us. Best of all, you never have to deal with “the phone company” or “cable company” again! You would still have an invoice for your Internet service from your ISP.

This is the part you never have to replace again! Gone are the days of having to purchase an expensive phone system, pay the phone company for phone lines, and pay a “phone guy” to come out to make changes, etc. Your current phone system can be removed and recycled.

In the past, companies usually purchased phone system hardware at a large upfront expense and owned it for a long period of time. A fixed set of phones and capacity was purchased, and it needed upgrading (at an additional expense) as the company grew.

There is no need to waste your money on hardware, software, and professional services. The quality, reliability and business continuity of our hosted telephone system provides the same features of a traditional high-end enterprise phone system but at a fraction of the cost!

We provide service for businesses throughout all of Central New York including Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, Elmira, Ithaca, Rochester, and parts of Pennsylvania.

Yes! More people than ever are working from home. With Highbridge Communications VoIP Phone System you can simply take your business phone home, plug it into your internet connection, and make and receive calls as usual.

This means the main business line would still ring through to the auto-attendant or ring groups, you can transfer and park calls, and 3 digit dial everyone in your company using their office extensions just like you do when you are in the office. You can even get your voicemail as email and send and receive faxes via email too!

If you don’t want to bring your desk phone home, you can install our Smartphone app which acts as an extension of your office phone system.

Hosted systems are a perfect solution when you have a business with multiple locations. You get the benefit of being able to transfer calls from one site to another, intercom back and forth, or redirect to a mobile agent while they are in the field. Since your phones have access to the internet, you can adapt features to make them work how you want-no matter how many locations you have.

The quality of VoIP has improved since its inception and it now meets or exceeds the quality of a traditional landline. In most cases HD voice quality is available and is far superior to landlines. Voice clarity is determined by the quality of your Internet connection, but we can put technology in place to ensure high call quality.

One of the great benefits of VoIP is that you can have a telephone number assigned to you in an area code where you do not live or work. Businesses often want to have a local presence in many different cities with a local phone number for customers to call. Business VoIP service allows a customer to call that local number which can be answered by the company anywhere in the country.

Absolutely! There are a variety of cordless IP phones that will work with our VoIP system. This gives your team the ability to be more mobile and roam around the office while still making and receiving calls. Check out our equipment page to see some of your phone choices.

The Regulatory Cost Recovery Surcharge is a non-discountable monthly charge, applied to recover amounts paid to federal, state, and local governments for regulatory costs and our cost of compliance. The Regulatory Cost Recovery Surcharge is equal to customer’s total charges for all services and applicable surcharges, multiplied by 3%.

Businesses are finding that while utilizing VoIP technology has countless advantages there can, however, be some disadvantages as well if you are not careful. To make the right choice it’s essential to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional PBX versus VoIP.

Our free guide will look at the Pros and Cons of VoIP to help you make sure a VoIP Phone system is right for your business.

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Pros and Cons of a VoIP Phone System