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Get The ONLY In-depth, Dynamic Audit That Will Shine The Light On Your Networking Infrastructure and Routinely Saves Clients over $2,900 on their Business Phone Systems!

Find your way out of the darkness today.

Allow our audit to shine the light on hidden costs, missed opportunities, and other wasteful expenditures affecting your bottom line.

    Every single second you spend while in the dark is a second you’re costing yourself money, losing value, and working harder than you need.

    Really. Read on to see exactly what I mean.

    Our in-depth Network and Phone System Audit is a unique, thorough look into your networking infrastructure that shines the light on hidden costs, missed opportunities, and other wasteful expenditures hiding in the sneaky darkness of your bottom line.

    This audit routinely saves money for companies just like yours by expertly peeling away all the nuance and complexities that lie in wait with any and every network infrastructure.

    Yours is no different.

    The Garam Group has a long history dealing with these situations, seeking them out within a wide variety of companies, and solving the big and the small problems alike which allows them to see all the missed opportunities for saving money, holding onto value, and working more intelligently.

    The committed and decisive team at The Garam Group breathes life into how they work.

    This isn’t a company of uncommitted, blasé workers looking to make some money before the weekend.

    This team is composed of people that absolutely love their job, love the difficulties and successes that come with working with companies like yours and are thrilled to keep pushing the envelope for what they can do.

    There is no stopping. There is no ‘good-enough’. There is only the eagle-eye commitment and professionalism that is necessary to tackle all the problems that can, and will, come up in network infrastructure.

    And it is with this rich history and uniquely qualified team that The Garam Group is able to offer you an audit that we’ll use to:

    > Review your entire network infrastructure… ensuring your cabling, network switches, and firewall are all working not just optimally bit by bit, but as one harmonious system.

    > Negotiate the very best prices… as technologies improve, the cost to set up and maintain your network is cheaper… we’ll negotiate your price for the current cost to operate instead of an outdated, expensive price.

    > Inspect all phone bills and PBX vendor contracts… eliminating any and all hidden charges that secretly hamstring your profit margin.

    > Scrutinize your infrastructure to make sure all physical products, hardware, and features are optimal… improving each element collectively makes your network vastly more effective AND cheaper.

    > And much more…

    You might be asking yourself… Why Would We Give This Away If It’s So Valuable?

    That’s a fair question.

    It’s simple. Once you see this in-depth audit in action and how much money you can save with The Garam Group, you’ll be clamoring to work with us.

    Craving, in fact.

    Hey, if we’re wrong, you can take the information from this audit and run with it. Free of charge and with our blessing.

    But we have a feeling you’ll appreciate the expertise, the commitment, and the environment of professionalism that has made The Garam Group an industry-leading company with a team that simply cannot be matched.

    Once you see the math, it just makes sense.

    Your audit is waiting. Click below to get started!

    What Customers are Saying

    "I have to say when I met with Dan and his group in the beginning when we were moving our business over it was pleasurable and nice to know all would be taken care of for me. They basically said let us worry about everything and we will have everything turn key by the time you are ready to move in. It was a peace of mind for me as I struggle with technology to begin with, so knowing I could let go of the wheel was reassuring.

    I was very pleased with The Garam Group even though I was skeptical to begin with. I was not familiar with this type of telephone service and I thought the quality was going to be compromised. I am happy to say that two years later things are still running smoothly, the sound quality is perfect and I never worry about my phone system. Even if there is a blip here and there they troubleshoot it and it is dealt with immediately.

    Also, the cost of the phone system is so much more reasonable and it comes right out of my account and I receive a bill for my records monthly. I can't say enough of how happy I am with the service and quality of The Garam Group."

    Barb St. P
    Health & Fitness Center
    "The Garam Group has been a great partner for us in the technology world. The phone service they provided is a straight forward, manageable system that is flexible in our ever changing business.

    The support behind the system is what differentiates The Garam Group from any competitor. They provide fast consistent service through very knowledgeable staff.

    I have recommended The Garam Group and will continue to recommend them to all my business contacts."

    Kevin R.
    Insurance Industry
    "Having The Garam Group as part of our team has truly brought our operations to the next level. They transformed our stone-age phone system into an agile, customizable, vastly capable system. Not only does The Garam Group physically handle our equipment needs, but their technology allows us to look deeper into our business efficiencies by analyzing data such as call routing, call queue options, hold times, and much more. They have provided insight to us that we have never had before with any other phone system.

    On top of this, the The Garam Group team will go above and beyond to ensure we are always running smoothly, and that our questions and concerns are attended to very quickly. They are always monitoring their own response times and trying to improve, which we love. They bring that attitude to everything they do, always providing the best in both service and the technology itself."

    Kris T.
    Family Medical Practice
    "When the time came to upgrade our old and outdated phone system I did extensive research and evaluated 6 different providers. No one came close to The Garam Group. Their technology offering was rivaled only by that of Ring Central but their price and service offering far exceeded all other providers. The Garam Group saved us 50% on our monthly phone bill while providing a solution that eclipsed other providers in features and flexibility. During our transition they were on site and made themselves immediately available for support to insure our migration went as smoothly as possible. On top of everything else, I was able to feel good about supporting a local business.

    I would encourage anyone looking to move to a VOIP phone solution to seriously consider The Garam won't be disappointed."

    Paul A.
    Trucking Transportation Services