We are in a very exciting time in our company with expansion and taking on new opportunities! Our staff needed IT support and phones that could keep pace with our changing environment. These changes do not overwhelm Garam, which has helped us to stay proactive instead of reactive with our decision-making. Creating a process where my staff can connect and resolve IT things quickly has been a game changer for us. We like working with the team at Garam, they take the time to tailor their solutions to our unique requirements rather than offering one-size-fits-all suggestions. Their team also possesses a wide range and deep knowledge of technologies and trends, ensuring that we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving IT landscape. We have acquired many entities along the way, and at every turn Garam has been right there with us. Choosing The Garam Group means you are not just getting an IT service provider; you are gaining a strategic partner who will contribute to your company's growth and success by ensuring your technology infrastructure is robust, efficient, and future-proof.

Joe Verdi Owner & Operator
A-Verdi Storage Containers

While preparing to move to a new facility, we needed guidance from a team we could trust. I love being able to call when we have an issue or even submit a helpdesk ticket, and someone promptly takes care of whatever it is we need. From beginning to end, we are always in the loop. The communication has been outstanding. It’s not often you find a company that you can ask, “What do we need to know?” since we are not in the IT industry. We want to use tools to optimize patient experience, and Garam helps us stay forward focused to provide the best! If you are looking for exceptional customer service and technical support, go with The Garam Group and keep business local!

Chris Meyer Billing Manager
Cicero Family Eye Care

We unfortunately were dissatisfied with our previous vendor and resolute that we needed something better. The search to finding a local service that would coordinate around our academic schedule to make the change felt daunting at first. The transition from our old system to Garam's system was seamless. We have not experienced any problems with calls or equipment. The biggest difference though, is that Garam knows how to communicate with people. They don't get all technical, yet they know what questions to ask, and they are quick to respond to our every request. Their technical experience helps them solve every problem we are faced with. On top of all of that, they are truly genuine people and treat you like family. We couldn’t ask for a better fit for our school!

Cynthia Johnson Office Manager
Jowonio School

Being a small law firm, I had special concerns regarding who I could trust to manage my IT. Cybersecurity, client confidentiality, encryption, document retention, differing tech comfort levels, and more were all a part of the decision-making process for me. I feel heard when I am explaining any concern, and I appreciate the personalized attention we get from Garam. Even though we’re small, Garam treats us like a valued customer. They provide us with an assigned Project Engineer who is familiar with our systems, and that Engineer works closely with their Helpdesk Engineers. So, I’m not dealing with a huge conglomerate, but with people that I get to know.  When we run into something, it’s not a huge learning curve to figure out what to do or who will be helping us. Garam works with us to meet us where we’re at, accommodates our requests, and helps us have confidence in our IT decisions.

Sarah Ruhlen, Esq. Satter Ruhlen Law Firm, PLLC

Since our partnership began, we have experienced a level of service that is truly unparalleled. The Garam Group made the entire process seamless and stress free. Compared to other IT firms we have worked with in the past, The Garam Group stands out in their approach to customer service. The most significant benefit is their exceptional live support. The personalized attention and quick problem solving they offer are truly exceptional. For anyone considering The Garam Group for their IT needs, we can say without hesitation that it is a decision you will not regret. The level of service is superior, and the cost is reasonable. Additionally, there is a unique satisfaction in giving business to a local group. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by The Garam Group and look forward to a continued successful partnership.

Ted Hoffman Jr. General Manager
J and R Property Services

The Garam Group has managed our IT and VoIP phones for over a decade. I am delighted to say that after all of this time, Garam has never let me down in any way. Their responsiveness to attacking our problems in every case (there have probably been hundreds of them), has been extremely timely. They are like the bulldogs of customer satisfaction: once they hear of the problem they will not let go until you are completely satisfied. Yes, they are truly dedicated to the customer. Customer service from most companies push us to accept waiting long periods of time for a response, it is not so with The Garam Group. As an example, I have been an Apple customer for years, and Apple's customer care is widely known to be first class. They make it as easy as possible to speak to a knowledgeable person to help take care of any issue you may have. Well, I honestly put The Garam Group on par, or perhaps a step above even Apple's Customer Care process. My hat is off to all those at the Garam Group for taking each and every problem we present to them by responding with the most aggressive form of assistance that I could imagine. Thank you, Garam Group, for your incredible service! You take second place to no one!

Bob Sierk Partner / Sales
Vertex Solutions

As a department that depends heavily on technology to keep our community informed and safe, any technology outages need immediate attention. After experiencing two significant outages, The Garam Group was the IT services company we turned to. They have since provided an IT solution we can depend on.

One of the largest benefits has been the response time regarding issues that arise with our computer systems.  The Garam Group is always available, and responds within minutes to work on any problem that we are experiencing. We are always kept up to date, so we have built a trust that they will see a problem through to the best resolution, efficiently.

Additionally, The Garam Group took the time to know us.  When calling on the phone, or seeing staff in person, their staff know us all by name, which shows how dedicated they are.  Everyone is always courteous and attentive to our needs.

You will not regret the decision to go with The Garam Group!”

Captain John Brewer Village of Ilion Police Department

The biggest benefit to using The Garam Group has been access to 24/7 quality support. Because they offer an emergency line, no matter the time of day we have access to assistance should we need it. Additionally, their staff is careful in choosing the right team member to address issues- which results in faster solutions for us as a customer. Garam’s expertise IS in IT & Telecommunications. Spend your energy on what you’re good at, leave the IT & Telecommunications to the Garam Group.

Ben Carter Cofounder
Ax7 Lighting

When we were moving our business, I met with Garam Group, and it was nice to know all would be taken care of for me. It was a peace of mind for me as I struggle with technology to begin with, so knowing I could let go of the wheel was reassuring. I am happy to say that two years later things are still running smoothly, and I never worry about my system. Even if there is a blip here and there, it is troubleshot and dealt with immediately.

Barb St. Pierre Co-Founder & Owner
Trillium Sport & Fitness