Why It's Important to Backup Your Office 365 Data

Why It's Important to Backup Office 365 Data to the Cloud

Data stored in cloud-based applications is just as vulnerable to deletion and corruption as data stored on-premise. Although Microsoft does its best to make sure your Office 365 data is safe and backed up there are several cases where your company’s critical data and messages can be lost or compromised.

3 Truths About Data Stored in the Cloud:

  • User error is the number one cause of data loss.
  • Cloud vendors keep deleted data for limited retention periods (weeks).
  • Some cloud vendors charge additional fees for data recovery.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you have Office 365 backups from a 3rd party.

In this short webinar, we explain the 3 types of typical data loss for Office 365 users and an affordable solution from Datto for cloud backups that provides a quick and easy path to restore your important data.

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