What are Managed IT Services?

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Wondering if Managed IT Services are right for your business? Does the thought of calling your IT person make you sweat? How much is it going to cost to get him out here? How long will it take him to get here? Are you managing IT on your own? Are you trusting a non-IT person with your technology? Do you have a single IT consultant rather than a company that can provide all the skills and technology experience you need?

We're here to help!

Rather than a break fix model where you call a computer consultant when something is broken, we’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus on your business and know exactly what your IT budget is every month.

From servers, desktops, software applications, internet connectivity to phone calls and more, your business runs on IT.  As your business grows, technology challenges often become harder to handle on your own or by a single IT consultant. Network downtime, cyber security threats, and technology upgrades are only a few of the obstacles that can get in your way.

More than break fix support

Keeping your business secure and operating at peak performance today requires far more than computer support. It demands compliance expertise, ongoing business analysis, proper management of technology points, and professional guidance you can count on.

By utilizing the very same strategies employed by Fortune 500 companies, we have created a program that allows firms of all sizes to leverage our proven processes and our investments to build a highly secure, stable, and responsive infrastructure.

Technology management vs computer support

Properly managed technology is essential for businesses looking to increase their profitability. Technology, such as a computer network and cloud solutions, helps businesses to stay competitive by increasing productivity and by reducing costs. Unfortunately, growth for many businesses is often slowed by mismanaged technology.

Technology management must go far beyond the routine computer support which many small and mid-sized businesses have grown accustomed to.

To realize the business improving potential of advancements in technology, and to minimize the myriad of risks associated with these advancements, businesses of all sizes must properly address a number of critical technology management factors.

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